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Senate Chamber,
Austin, Texas, Jan'y 23rd 1875.

Papa's Boy
I got your letter, that Mama wrote for you, and was very glad to get a letter from my little boy. Papa has got for you a nice little tool box, with a hammer, a mallet & chisel, & gimlet & one or two other things in it. You must be a good little boy, & mind mama, & when papa comes home he will bring it to you. Papa thinks that it would take, for a little boy to come to Austin, about 5 dinners, 9 apples & 13 sweet cakes; and if your Mama lets you come, tell her that papa says she must put them all up in a basket for you. Papa wants to see his little boy mighty bad, & will come home as soon as he can to see him & the children.
Kiss mama & the baby for me.