Processor's Note

Thank you for taking the time to visit this online exhibit dedicated to the letters of Seth Gilbert Evans, Sergeant, Co. B, 57th New York Volunteer Infantry. It is my hope that you enjoy what you find here.

In the scanning and preparing these online exhibits, colors and contrasts have been adjusted in an attempt to make the actual documents easier to read. In addition, transcripts are also provided here. Spelling and grammar have been left unchanged wherever possible. Brackets and italics indicate explanations or descriptions placed on the transcriptions by either the letter's transcriber or processor.

The dates on many of the letters, written and ink and of a different handwriting, are not original to the documents. At some time in the past the keeper of the letters most likely placed these on the paper in an effort to perhaps organize them. Who dated them can only be speculated. These dates are not always accurate, either.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the compilation of this online exhibit was the choosing of the letters which would be displayed. Out of a collection if 170 documents, the chore of selecting a dozen or so letters is nearly impossibly to do without one wishing that some other bit of correspondence could have been added as well. I have selected these letters as representative of the rest of the Seth Gilbert Evans Collection, providing an overview of his war experiences, some personal point of view on the war, and interesting bits of Americana. I hope that you enjoy browsing these few documents from the collection.

A link to the complete finding aid for this collection can be found here.


Bradley C. Ford
Archives Intern
Summer 2003

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