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Fair Oak Station
June 14th 1862
My Dear Sisters

It has got very late but I must [write] a few words I have been writing to Mother a short letter and I cannot see why I dont get her letters the last one from her was Apr 29h not one words since I hardly think you recd my letter sent just after the battle on Sunday I had no stamp and sent it with out they let Soldiers go so and I think I am one if any one is I have seen my first real battle and hope it is the last I never want to see men die in heapes as I did Sunday you would hardley of thought that [?] was played out if you had been hear I dont know but I am a little jealious but when I hear about the B G regs or 47h at Baltimore it makes me mad to think that they are out for only 3 months why dont they send them out hear and whare they will be of some use let them take the front for a while and they will see more of a soldiers life than they will whare they are now for the th[r]ee months I recd the B Times to night which Nell sent I did get the letter from Miss C in the Times I found a letter from one of the 47h and the boys have had a great laugh over it the writer sayes. I have not heard a single word of discontent yet. The Sat" night before the battle untill Thursday morning it rained every night hard. we had nothing but pants & jackets no blankets of any kind or rations untill Thursday the boys made them hold out I did not leave Camp untill after they did and was a little excited knowing whare I was going and only put in to my bag 10 Hd crack" a little meat (one days) & coffee but still I had enough untill Thurs" I do not eat much more than one Hard tack a day and am strong and well I think If I am carried through safeley and reach you again I shall board my self and can do it cheap What do you think troubled me most through all this rain my cartridges I wanted to keep them dry and did. when I layed down I put them under me what do you think on Thursday after the storm was over some one stole them box and all so I had to borrow one from Mr rebel it is just as good a one as mine was

I must say good night I hope to hear from you soo[n] as it is some time since I did
from brother

Gilbert Evans