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Camp Near Falmouth
In Old Va
March 24h 1863
My Dear Mother

Yours of the 16" is with me which findes us in the same old place with rain one day and snow the next I get along verry well with my cooking I find I can make a verry nice gravy and have it most every morning to eat on bread we get four days Fresh B[r]ead out of seven three [?]s Hd Tack two lbs of Potatoes in the seven days I made a bad job of try ing to make Pancakes I expect I had water in my fat they went to the bottom and flattened out like an egg so I put some water in and made flat jacks of them so as to loose nothing

Wednesday 25- This is the first spring day that we have had I have no need of a coat to day I dont know how long this weather will last it was raining hard all night but the sun is warm and the wind is drying up the mud verry fast Mother I just lifted my hand and this paper went away and landed in the Fry pan so I am sending you more than I in tended to Yester day we wer ordered out for inspection and when 10 clock came we found the whole Corps no Div" out in line and all the drums and fifes in the Division in one Company at the head of the line verry soon a guard came on to the grounds with three men with the half of each head shaved and all the buttons cut off their coats and a board on their backs with some kind of letters on them they wer drumed up and do[__*__]wn the line of men to the [__*__] tune of the rogues march three bayonets be hind them then sent away I dont think they will go home very soon two of them wer from the 14- N.Y. Regt and one 7- N.Y. Regt as near as I can find out they wer such kind of men as we call dead beets always in trouble always in the guard house I could see no fun in it but I know they care but very little for it if it was not for the cut of hair that is not in the times

I must say good night from your son Love to sisters and My Ra[?] puss
S G Evans

When have I sent such a looking letter before

[__*__] Notation in margin: [pen] wont stay in track