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Camp near Bealton Station
August 20th 1863
Dear Mother & Sisters

We had some thing done hear that was hard to day this after noon at three ock the 2ond Division of this Corps was called out and formed in a square with one side open and at this side in the center was a grave dug a squad of soldiers was marched in with a prisoner and be hind him was his coffin the coffine was placed very near the grave and he was left standing beside it he was a good looking man well made and dressed in a blouse and pants with clean white shirt on. he had no hat a chaplin was with him and he sat on his coffin while he prayed for him when through he shook hands with the chaplin and turned to the officer on his right who was in charge of a squad of sharp shooters drawn up in line not far in front of him this officer said some thing to him and he got up and pulled off his coat and then shook him by the hand and the Luiet put a hand"kf" over his eves and he sat down on the coffin and then came the orders ready aim! fire!! he fell to one side and kept throwing up his hand when two of the squad rushed up and shot him dead he was put in to his coffin and buried it was a bad sight but just for he has deserterd three times and come back each time with a large bounty this time some of his first regt saw him and he was caught and this is his end his grave is in a large field with out any head mark of any kind

Your last letter of Aug 14- is hear with Mothers picture in it many thanks for it it is so good but are you not sick Mother you dont look well I guess you will think I will make good bacon if you have recd my picture yet

Mother if you have any pictures that belong to me that I have sent or left with you will you give them to Nell to take back with her to take care of for me I want to get them to gather for I am going to have a lot given to me I will send some now and as fast as I get them Nell is send[ing] your old picture home (I had to tak[e] this again my gold one made such work) good night from
Gilbert Evans

Cross-written at top of first page:
I send you one of the badges of our Division they are Issued to the troops