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Camp near Brandy Station Va
Thur"s Eve"
March 3rd 1864
My Dear Sisters

When the mail came to night I recd your letters No 7 And now I must talk with you an hour or so. Jennie I like your Photo very much and hope you will like mine as well. Nell I want yours in your next, I will send the cares[?] soon you need not hold it back on that Account for I can keep them a while longer

Nell I did not intend that you should go to work and make me a shirt if you could not find one you could let it go I can get them here only they cost a little more I am not in a hurry for the box only I am a fraid we should march be fore it reached me

Jennie I cannot side with you a bout the fighting of the knights in the olden times They wer brave to be shure but what had they to fear when they wer clad in such armor as history tells a bout I think the men now in the field are more brave then these knight[s] they went in to battle and hardly ever got killed but that armour would not save them if they wer to go on to the field as every soldier hear has to I think the rifle ball would go through their armour say nothing of the solid shot and shell and of all the grape & canister that our soldiers have to face without any armour except what a pin could go through. I have been reading an old history of the war with Mexico One that came from Fredricksburgh 640 pages I find that this is a much larger war what was a battle then would not be a skirmish now and the loss of 5 five killed and 20 twenty wounded was heavy but now Oh dear it is called in the papers as amounting to nothing. Mr Bank did not say any thing more a bout that letter or what he thought did he?

Jen you may send a Harpers pamphlet once in a while any old one that you have done with is new for me. I hand them around We get little books & Papers all the time from men that come around camps for that purpous but as soon as the first shot is fired they are off for Washington I will send back the pamphlet that you sent I found the letter from Mr Chapin. How much of the money that is taken at that Fair do you think will ever reach the private! in the rank?!!!

Nell I wish I could get in to the place whare Mrs Hall lays away all the large picture papers they have such as Frank L- & Harpers Weekly"s I have papered my tent with what I could get I have all one end and a part of one side papered with large & small pictures many come in here to look at them

Good night I am as ever
Gilbert Evans