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Camp near Stevensburgh Va
Hd Qr 57th Regt N.Y.SVols
Sunday April 24th/64
My Dear Sisters

This is a very quiet Sunday after noon it is very warm but a nice cool wind is stiring so it is plesant I am now be gining to feel more at home than I have for the last week, At first I was home sick and did not know what to do with my self but now I am as con tented here as I was in the Ambulance Corps. It is aweek a go to day that I came over here I was busy all day. I did not put anynew quarters for my self but went in with my old comrad Dan" Vaughan and now there is five of us in this one tent the same sise as the one I & Stafford have lived in all Winter. But still we have more room than we had the first winter I was in the Army then ther was four of us to gather. We have had the usual Sunday morning inspection to day at 10 ock and are yet to have dress parade. We shall hav a prayer meeting this evening in Luiet Fredricks tent, I expect to enjoy it I have already enjoyed some ther this week. It is only a few that come to gather for this purpous Fredrick is the only officer in the regt that has any interest in this and he is doing all that he can

I recd your letter last evening No 15 the next I expect will come to this Camp I hope you have recd my letter by this time telling you of the box at the time I sent the box I did not have time to write aword but I expected you would get the letter as soon as you did the box it was No 14 have you recd it yet? The infidel book that you speak of Nellie I found in an old Camp that the troops had left I have had it in my quarters all winter and have red a good share of it I was sorry at first but I dont care now I think it is a very dangerous book to have around. I sent it home for I want to try and break some of the strong arguments down that he uses Yes that one of mine a lone is very well taken but what a face dont show it. Staffords is avery poor picture remember mine Staffords and many that I send are taken out here and you are used to see[ing] them that are taken in the city"s so dont expect they can be put side by side I must say good after noon I am your brother

Gilbert Evans

Written upside-down at the top of the third page:
I will write more about my self another time