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Cheryl English

Collection IV,
Oil, Four 6" x 8" paintings ©


Variety, color and differing techniques characterize the art of Cheryl English with rich earth tones reflecting a wide range of moods delicately placed on canvas or board. Over the years she has taken workshops from a variety of painters, but keeping a tight perspective on her needs, the style that has evolved is distinctive and comes only from her.

Finding her subject matter in the culture of the Southwest, Cheryl explores her subjects with variations in color, mood and style. She feels this variety lends freshness and excitement to her canvases.

Her style ranges from realism to impressionism, depending on the subject matter. For example, she sees great beauty in an Indian pot, and will paint it as realistically as she can. A landscape may come from her mind, created from impressions of those she’s seen and will paint impressionistically, often using a palette knife to create a strong mood.

“To me, art is a balance between what you see, what you feel and your technique. your techniques come from the study of the fundamentals of painting, but the rest come from your philosophy of life or your inner self. This is why art is exciting to me-every piece of work is a direct statement of the artist. I paint not just what I see, but moods of what I see.”

Source: The Legacy Gallery

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