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Robert Pummill

Crossing Pecos Country, Oil, 42" x 54"©



The principal themes of Robert Pummill's work include the settlers' trek West, Native American culture, and the early cattle and transportation industry. His canvases are filled with historical tales of the nineteenth century, a time when Americans were on the move, packing their belongings and crossing the plains in Conestoga wagons. Pummill focuses intensely on details of everything from costume and subject matter to the air and color specific to each region. Since he has lived in a number of places he has gained a perfect understanding of the differences between atmospheres and colors of varied regions, capturing the differences between Texas and Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. He is a skilled draftsman who puts tremendous research into studying locations, costumes, harnesses and vehicles, and then very carefully creates his compositions designing several thumbnail sketches on site to capture colors and arrange figures.

Pummill is a diverse artist who is a talented oil painter and watercolorist, as well as a sculptor. Robert Pummill elicits from the worn pages of journals and ledgers visions of history that remind us of the perseverance of the settlers. "The subject of people on the move or building new lives in the West is very fulfilling. Its only limitations are the limitations [the artist] places on it himself." Pummill has become one of the top , winning the gold medal in watercolor at the 1995 CA show.

Source: Peggy and Harold Samuels, Contemporary Western Artists (Bonanza Books, 1985).






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