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Gene Zesch

Remember that prize bull we bought? ©

Looks like we'll just have
to tighten our belts again ©

A reputashunn like mine
isn't built overnight

I thought I just heard a
discouraging word ©

The new wonderdog ©


Raised on a ranch in the hill country near Mason, Texas, Gene Zesch is a wood carver of caricatures of the American West.

He later settled on the family ranch there near Mason, and his figures tell the story of the people of dying ranches in that area, and he gets at these truths through humor.

His first exposure to wood carving was a visit to Santa Fe during his Army service, and his first carving was an old camp cook and the second a sad-looking soldier. The demand for his wood carving became so great that he sent the molds to a foundry so he also had them in bronze. Unlike many wood carvers, he ended up in some of the best galleries of the West, and he attributes the interest in his work to the detailing of the faces.

He is a man who rides horse and a Harley Davidson and has become nationally known while remaining in his home town.















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