Through our mission,

to preserve, collect, and interpret the history of the American Civil War
and the art of the American West

we wish to preserve and interpret as fully as possible the history of the American Civil War and the people involved – North and South, men and women, children and adults, leaders and common citizens; and through the Museum’s Western Art collection preserve and interpret art which depicts either the historic or modern American West.  Staff and volunteers are dedicated to the visitor experience and committed to excellence in every aspect of its educational programs and collections management.  To this end, we aim to serve a diverse public through a dynamic, innovative, and welcoming facility.

The museum is divided into two distinct exhibit areas.  The Civil War Gallery is an interactive experience designed to give the visitor a humanistic overview of the Civil War, including issues, causes, battles, leaders, plight of the common soldier, the home front, and the aftermath.  There are currently more than 15,000 items in the Civil War collection, while less than five percent are on display at any one time.

The Western Art Gallery features two- and three-dimensional works of art depicting many aspects of the historical and contemporary Western experience including cowboys, Indians, settlers, and pioneers.  There are 228 works in the Western Art collection; with not quite fifty percent of those pieces on exhibit at any one time.