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The Pearce Collections Museum invites you and your class to step back in time and experience two of the epic events of the 19th century that forged our nation’s identity — the American Civil War and the westward expansion that followed. Through diverse activities and programs your students will learn about their history and heritage.

Discover the fascinating world of western art.  Through listening, observing and hands-on opportunities, students are encouraged to engage in critical and creative thinking.

Enrich your curriculum and complement your classroom studies with our on-site educational programs created to meet TEKS requirements for specific grade levels.  While the programs are designed for specific elementary and middle school grades, any one can be adapted to fit your students’ grade level.


To schedule one of the group programs listed below, call Pat Granger at 903-875-7596 or 1-800-988-5317.

Brushes & Battles

            Civil War & Western Art combo

A combined gallery program designed for large groups.  Students tour the Civil War and Western Art galleries while docents highlight the major themes of the civil war and unique works of art in each. 

            Program time:          1.5 - 2 hour

            # of students:           For large or multiple classes with limited program time

            Fee:                             $4 per student      


Major Engagements

            Civil War gallery only

An in-depth look at the American Civil War — what caused it and what happened afterwards, the major battles and the major "players," what life was like for a soldier in the field, and the role that Texas played in our country's bloodiest conflict.  Students may keep a journal while in the gallery or write a letter home as part of the learning experience.  Includes a 17 minute introductory video and "battlefield experience."

            Program time:         1 — 1.5 hours

            # of students:           Ideal for smaller groups or single classes

            Fee:                             $3 per student


  Paintbrushes West

            In-depth art program

Students examine the six basic elements of artistic expression through observation, personal expressions through observation, personal interpretation, and hand-on creativity.  They will learn how to "read" and understand a piece of art as they would a story; and with each work explore a new chapter in the history of the American West.  As part of the program, students create their own piece of western art.  Please speak with the Art Curator to develop a specific art program to fit your needs.

            Program time:          1 hour

            # of students:            Ideal for small groups or single classes

            Fee:                              $4 per student


Beyond the Stacks:   A Visit to the Archives

            Specialized study & historical research

Just what is an archive?  Find out when your students take a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the museum’s archive facility.  Learn what you can find in an archive, the difference between primary and secondary sources, how to do historical research, and how to handle original documents.

            Program time:       1 hour

            # of students:         No more then 20 students

            Fee:                           $3 per student


  • bus drivers and one teacher per class admitted free
  • one chaperone per 10 children admitted free (required)
  • additional chaperones/teachers pay student fee